• African Pride Olive Miracle No Lye Relaxer Kit - Regular

African Pride Olive Miracle No Lye Relaxer Kit - Regular

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African Miracle Deep Conditioners are combined with today's latest advancement in relaxer technology to create a system that leaves your hair incredibly soft and full of body. The African Miracle Deep Conditioning system is as gentle as ever and leaves your hair unbelievably shiny and healthy looking. For long-lasting results and fabulous looking hair trust African Pride. Enriched with African Shea Butter, Olive Oil, and Herbal Oil extracts. Provides you with softer, straighter and silkier hair.

Leaves hair unbelievably shiny Adds body and shine Long-lasting results

DO A PRELIMINARY STRAND TEST BEFORE RELAXING: 1. After mixing herbal infusion pack and liquid activator with no-lye conditioning creme relaxer according to how to mix instructions, apply a small amount of relaxer mixture to a strand of about 30 hairs at the back of the head. 2. Spread relaxer mixture evenly starting about 1/8 inch from scalp to end of new growth. Smooth to ensure even application coverage. leave on no more than the time indicated in Timing guide according to your hair texture. Check texture and straightness of your hair frequently while waiting. if straightness of your hair frequently while waiting. If straightness is satisfactory before recommended processing time is up, end the test. Record time in time chart and use as your processing time. Otherwise use the time recommended in time chart. 3. Rinse strands thoroughly with warm water. Use care to rinse only test strands. Neutralize hair with neutralizing conditioning shampoo in the kit. 4. Look at the strand. If the test strand breaks, do not relax. If results are satisfactory, apply relaxer according to instructions and do not exceed strand test time results.

RETOUCH APPLICATION: 1. Part hair into 4 section down the middle and from ear to ear. avoid rubbing the scalp with comb. 2. Put on gloves and set timer as indicated by the strand test, and timing guide for your hair texture. 3. Start at the back section or most resistant area. Make small 1/4 inch partings and apply relaxer mixture with the back of a rat-tail comb to the top and underside of section. Continue from crown to nape. Complete each section leaving the hairline for last

VIRGIN APPLICATION: follow step 1-3. Apply relaxer mixture to the entire length of hair strands section be section. Apply to the top and underside of each section. Apply ample amount of product to allow for easy smoothing and even straightness. 5.Smoothing your hair is the second part of your relaxer service. smoothing the hair enhances the straightening process. After the relaxer mixture has been applied to all four sections, begin smoothing. For un-relaxed/virgin hair, smooth from the roots to the ends using your gloved finger or back of comb using short from strokes. Check timing guide and smoothing until time expire or time indicated by strand test. For new growth retouch applications, smooth the new growth only. Avoid over-lapping onto previously relaxed hair. 6. Rinse & shampoo

After applying Miracle Deep Conditioning No-Lye Relaxer be sure to wash your hair thoroughly to prevent potential damage to the hair follicles.

African Pride No-Lye Conditioning Creme Relaxer - 7.7oz. African Pride Neutralizing Conditioning Shampoo with Colour Action - 3.1 oz. African Pride Liquid Activator - 2.1 fl oz . African Pride Protective Gel African Pride Leave-in Tonic - 2 fl oz.

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