• Avry Beauty All-In-One Manicure Kit -  Shea Butter

Avry Beauty All-In-One Manicure Kit - Shea Butter


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Product Details


100% disposable mani kit is an exclusive line of waterless nail care system, promoting safe spa experience. 

Every kit is designed to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and infections. 

Included waterless manicure gloves are filled with silky and deep conditioning moisturizer, contains a rich blend of Shea Butter. 

Made WITHOUT Synthetic Dyes, Parabens and Animal-based Ingredients. 

  • Moisturizing Gloves
  • Disposable Towel
  • Cuticle Stick
  • Zebra Nail File
  • Nail Buffer

Home Use

  • All-In-1 Manicure Solution
  • Easy to use
  • Warm-able with hot water
  • Immediately nourishes repairs


  • All-In-1 Water-less Manicure Solution
  • Disposable, Clean Sterlile
  • No need for soaking water
  • No need for cuticle softener or oil
  • No need for massage cream


  • Processing, Shipping & Returns

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