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  • Beauty Treats Skin Brightening Natural Pearl Mask - Vitamin E

Beauty Treats Skin Brightening Natural Pearl Mask - Vitamin E


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Product Details

  • VITAMIN E - SKIN BRIGHTENING PEARL MASK: Contains Vitamin E & Natural Pearl extract. Brightening & Rejuvenating.

  • Brightening & Rejuvenating! Pearl Extract has been a favourite by women to protect & beautify the skin.

  • Beauty Treats Vitamin E Skin Brightening Natural Pearl Mask magically helps to tone and rejuvenate complexion, clear blemishes, minimizes pores and enhance blood circulation. Your skin will look natural and brilliant.

  • Wash Off Formula

For simple facials in the comfort of your own home

4 Different Treatments Available:

  • CUCUMBER - DEEP CLEANSING PEEL-OFF MASK:  Contains Cucumber extract.  Deep Cleansing and Moisturizing.

  • COCONUT - ULTRA HYDRATING SHEA BUTTER MASK:  Contains Coconut & Lavender extracts with Shea butter.  Moisturizing and Softening.

  • PAPAYA - PURIFYING MUD MASK:  Contains Papaya & Lavender extracts with Dead Sea Salt.  Deep Clean and Purifying.

  • VITAMIN E - SKIN BRIGHTENING PEARL MASK:  Contains Vitamin E & Natural Pearl extract.  Brightening & Rejuvenating.

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