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DAX Green & Gold


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DAX Green & Gold is a specially formulated styling wax that is made from beeswax and natural oils. Green & Gold offers strong hold without the unwanted build-up or over drying effects that many styling products can cause. Green & Gold is great for styling short hair.

· Beeswax ‚¬€? Has been known to help make hair stronger and thicker. Beeswax can also help build the volume of hair in order to provide improved control and texture to hair for a particular desired style. Beeswax can give additional shine and glossy appearance to hair and offer extra protection. The presence of antioxidants helps protect the hair from harm and damage created from everyday styling, environmental factors and conditions. Beeswax can also help provide added lubrication, moisture, hydration, and softness to hair.
· Jojoba Oil ‚¬€? Helps nourish and add moisture and shine to hair.
· Safflower Oil ‚¬€? Naturally derived oil that provides excellent moisturization and shine.
· Olive Oil ‚¬€? Helps enhance the hesrch and vitality of your hair. Natural hair conditioner. Helps to make your hair softer and more manageable.
Usage Instructions:
· Place desired amount between palms and rub hands together to generate heat softening the wax slightly. Apply to dry or damp hair. Use finger tips to spike, sculpt and create your desired style.
Hair Type:
· Dry hair
· Straight, curly or coarse hair structures
Expected Results:
· Softer and shinier hair
· Enhances hair strength
· Reduces breakage
· Adds moisture
· Strong hold

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