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DAX Hair Shaper


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Product Details

DAX Hair Shaper is a versatile hair cream/paste that has the ability to create the most exceptional styles. This product provides a medium hold and can be used to scrunch, mold, slick, and style hair.

GlycerinConditions and helps reduce breakage and frizz.
Mineral OilHelps nourish and add moisture and shine to hair.
Carnauba WaxMoisturizer that provides shine.
Usage Instructions
Place desired amount of DAX Hair Shaper into hands and rub between palms until even. Apply to clean, damp, or dry hair for shaping, sculpting, and separating. Use fingertips to create volume at roots or style hair as desired.
Hair Type
Straight, curly or coarse hair structures
Expected Results
Soft, managable hair
Great style
Shiny hair
Medium hold

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