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  • GroGanics Hair Grow-n-Wild

GroGanics Hair Grow-n-Wild


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Product Details

Blended with wild flowers, herbs and extracts to simulate hair follicles. Provides protection from damage caused by DHT build up. Daily use of this product allows for proper absorption of other products

Step One

Begin by using an ample amount of Groganics (1) Growthick Hair Fattening Shampoo to remove impurities and expand hair shaft. Condition with a generous amount of Groganics (1) Feather Lite Volumizing Conditioner for a minimum of 3 minutes to volumize and restore sheen.

Step Two

Liberally spray Groganics (3) Moleculizing Root Lifter to weak areas to aid in uplifting the root. You may also apply Groganics (4) Medigro Ice Oil to freeze specific problem areas to help soothe and calm itching. Thoroughly distribute Groganics (5) Grotivator Growth Moisturizing Lotion to help repair hair follicles .

Step Three

Finish your treatment by applying one of Groganics Hair and Scalp treatments and massage in thoroughly for 3 minutes.

(5) Grotivator Growth Moisturizing Lotion a water based hair lotion to help repair hair follicles .

(6) Head Full of Hair, a water based hair dress cream with special extracts to restore elasticity.

(7) Hair Gro-n-Wild an oil based hair dress with special plant extracts to restore and soften hair shaft.

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