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  • Tropic Isle Living Bush Bath

Tropic Isle Living Bush Bath


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Product Details

In traditional Jamaican culture Bush Baths are often recommended when one is undergoing undue stress, misfortune and sickness.

At Tropic Isle Living we have created our own traditional Jamaican Bush Bath.

We probably could have named this product with fancier words, but naming it Bush Bath is our way of honoring our cultural traditions.

The herbs and oils found in Tropic Isle Living's Jamaican Bush Bath help to detoxify the body and open the pores.

They sooth, relax, invigorate and revitalize the entire body.

If you are a little stuffy and feel like you are coming down with the cold, flu or even fever, a hot bath with Tropic Isle Living's Jamaican Bush Bath will do you a world of good.

It encourages free breathing and will help you to relax. Use Tropic Isle living's Jamaican Bush Bath in your tub, whirlpool, or shower.


Detox and distress

Promotes blood circulation

Contains chlorophyll a natural deodorizer


How to use

‚¬¢ Add 2-4 tablespoon to bath and relax

‚¬¢ Pour enough on wash cloth and scrub body for a refreshing and rejuvenating shower

Sage, Pimento Oil, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Essential Oils, Rosemary Extract and Saponified Oils of Coconut, Jojoba, Aloe Vera and Olive Oil.

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