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  • Tropic Isle Living Ceraesse Bush Bath & Shower Gel

Tropic Isle Living Ceraesse Bush Bath & Shower Gel

$20.99  $23.99

8 Oz
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Product Details

Cerasee Bush Bath & Shower Gel is an excellent choice to help skin conditions like acne, eczema or rashes. Look forward to a cleansing chemical free bush bath experience.

Cerasee was used traditionally by Jamaicans and people in the tropics as healing teas and tonics for centuries. Cerasee as a herbal bath has been used to cleanse and beautify the skin. Our Cerasee Bush Bath & Shower Gel is combined with chlorophyll and other natural herbs to give a truly cleansing bath experience.

Apply gel directly onto skin or washcloth and lather onto skin.

Cerasee extract, Rosemary extract, Organic aloe vera, chlorophyll, saponified oils of olive. Jojoba, glycerine/ vegetable gum extract, tea tree, chamomile, lavender, cedar wood, essential oils.  

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