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  • Tropic Isle Living Khus Khus Body Butter

Tropic Isle Living Khus Khus Body Butter


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Product Details

Generations ago, Caribbean folks would strategically place the pleasant smelling dried roots of the khus khus grass into their linen cupboards and drawers to keep their clothes smelling fresh and nice, and around the house to attract positive vibrations.

No wonder it's an ingredient in perfumes!

However, it's also beneficial to the skin and that's why you will find it in our khus Khus Body Butter.

Use our Khus Khus Body Butter for acne, irritated and inflamed skin, fat cracks; use on cuts and wounds and on burns, fungal infected fingers and toes, rashes and scars.

Khus Khus Body can also be used to give excellent massages.

How to use

‚¬¢ Apply to skin as desired

‚¬¢ Excellent to use before going to bed at night

Cocoa Butter, Khus Khus Oil, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera Oil


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